Concealed Carry Training

Illinois Concealed Carry Registration Page

* Included in our price, every CCW registrant will receive a 1-year FREE membership to our “Operators Club”!

Use the form below to select a date and sign up for an Illinois Concealed Carry Class in our Arlington Heights classroom. We offer classes on weekends, weekdays, or weeknights. You must choose between an 8-hour class or a 16-hour class. If you are not sure which class you need, click (Here).

For Crystal Lake classes click (Here)

Our 16-hour class will also allow you to apply for Florida & Arizona CCW permits which will enable you to carry in additional states. With the combination of these permits you can legally carry in 37 states.               

16-Hour Class:  $199 Only $189 (register below) (Class Description)

8-Hour Class:   $149 Only $129 (register below) (Class Description)

Am I Eligible?     (Eligibility Requirements)

More questions?   (Read F.A.Q’s)

*There is a range qualification required for these classes which will take place off-site at an indoor range. There will be a $25 range fee to be paid at the range and is not included in the class fee. If you have any questions or if you need assistance registering, you can call us at: 847-341-5711

Arlington Heights CCW Registration: