Condition Yellow Operator’s Club

“Be Your Weapons Master”


Our Mission: To provide opportunities to continue the development of skills and knowledge for member operators.


What is the Condition Yellow Operator’s Club?

A group of like-minded, law-abiding armed citizens focused on improving their skill and confidence at arms. By continuous training, practice, and workshop activities, Condition Yellow Operators greatly improve their ability to defend themselves and those under their mantle of protection.


Who are Condition Yellow Operators?

We are current and former Condition Yellow Academy students and associates that recognize firearms skills are perishable and need to be enhanced and practiced. We also know that training and competition can be a lot of fun!


How do I become a Condition Yellow Operator Club member?

Membership is simple. All current and former Condition Yellow Academy students get a Free complimentary 12 month membership with the completion of their first course. All you have to do is to sign-up below to activate your complimentary membership. Non-students wishing to become a Condition Yellow Operator can also join by completing the application below and pay a small fee.


What are the benefits to becoming a Condition Yellow Operator?

The biggest benefit will be your improved skill and knowledge with firearms. We do understand that continued training is expensive and being a Condition Yellow Operator Club member allows you to get that additional training economically. Your membership offers discounts off our regular prices. The more training in which you participate, the more you save! Secondly, Condition Yellow Operators will have first access to new course dates and new courses as they come on-line. Finally, you will have discounts on our other services as they become available. Some of the benefits are:
  • Discounted league & other training courses (save 15%)

  • Discounted FFL transfer services (save $5)

  • Priority access to new course dates and new courses before they are opened to the public

  • Discounted gunsmith services (save 10%)


What is the cost of membership?

The best part is that previous students get their first one year membership FREE! (just fill out the form below to activate). Annual membership costs $50.00 for those who have not taken a course with us. Current Condition Yellow Operators can renew their membership prior to their expiration date for $25.00 per year.