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by Ann Meister on Blank Business Name
Rifle Build Class

I never would have thought I would be building my own AR, but I just took the class on Saturday and it was one of the best things I've ever done. I find as a woman, classes like this can be rather intimidating. Not so at Condition Yellow. The atmosphere is extremely friendly and comfortable. Steve's knowledge and ability to teach with much patience is exemplary. I left with my new AR, along with a new confidence that can only come with the knowledge I gained from building it and understanding all of it's parts. Steve and Brian, who is also amazingly knowledgeable, run a top-notch business. For anyone looking for classes, these are the guys to see.

by Howard on Blank Business Name
Great stuff

I had actually gotten my CCL last year elsewhere but that class offered me very little information about the process. A friend told me about his experience at CY so after talking to Brian and Steve they let me sit in on the class at a reduced rate. Best decision I've made in a while. These guys gave me so much information that I now have the confidence to move forward on this. I've now signed up for an advanced course. Thanks Guys.

by Jon Lee on Blank Business Name
Highly recommended!

Thank you for the wonderful service levels you provide. I am so glad I chose to take the concealed carry class from you. The instruction surpassed all of my expectations and you made everyone feel welcome and comfortable regardless of experience or knowledge.I will most certainly be a loyal customer and recommend Condition Yellow to anyone asking about instruction and products.

Thanks Jon,
We appreciate the business!

by Steve Tholen on Blank Business Name
CCL Training, The First Step

I had the pleasure of taking Condition Yellow Academy's Concealed Carry Class over the course of the last weekend. Steve and Brian are excellent instructors and did an excellent job presenting the course content. I took this course as part of my own personal process of deciding whether or not I will carry a gun. I take this decision very seriously and was looking for information to help with that decision. Steve and Brian's class was a great first step in helping me make that decision. I will continue to train with Condition Yellow to ensure that if I decide to carry, I will know I am safer with a gun, than without. If you are going through that same personal process, these guys and the Conceal Carry Course will be a big help.

by Allen Perres on Blank Business Name

I have had the pleasure of learning gun safety and function from excellent instructors. As a consultant I train and educate others and i have received several thousand hours of training. This weekend was among my most rewarding education and training experiences ever. Brian Gard and Steve Watson of Condition Yellow Academy are passionate, smart as hell, experienced, highly effective and give far more than the cost of their seminar. Strongly suggest Condition Yellow for those seeking a license.

Condition Yellow Academy

These guys are great to work with. I have completed firearms transfers thru their service. I highly recommend them. If you are in need of a transfer these guys should be on top of the list.Great price, friendly service.

Thanks Mike,
We appreciate your business and kind words. We hope to see you again soon. As you know, we have a wide selection of pistols, ammo, and accessories in our shop as well. Glad we could help!

by A. Evans on Blank Business Name
FFL Transfer

Just a side note review .I purchased a hand gun for the first time on line and Condition Yellow Academy was listed as a FFL transfer partner at Kentucky Guns on line. I called and talked to Brian he informed me to come in and fill out the required transfer forms after I placed the order. I came in on a Sunday and did so, to make everything quicker once the Gun arrived. While waiting I over heard Steve giving a class that day very impressed at what I had a chance to hear. I am currently enrolled at another CCL class , wish I had found Condition Yellow Academy first. When I picked up the Gun I had a chance to meet and talk to Steve who completed the transfer, wow! he knows his stuff . This is a great place if you are looking to transfer an online purchase or looking for a competent CCL program . Thanks; Steve and Brian will see you soon just bought another Gunguns

Thanks A. Evans,

We appreciate the kind words. Once you get your CCW license you can come and take one of our advanced classes. The best way to be confident carrying a firearm is with training & practice. Our advanced classes focus on exercises that will lead to proficiency with your firearm. Practice, practice, practice.
Hope to see you soon!

by James Riosa on Blank Business Name
CCL Class

At first, I signed up for the 8 hr due to my military experience. I contacted the instructors to seek advice, and they suggested to take the 16 hr course instead. I was glad I did, leaned a ton the very first day. The class was enjoyable and time went by fast. These guys know all there is that a person needs to know about CCL and the handling of firearms. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a CCL class.Thank you CYA!

If it's worth doing do it right.

Condition yellow Academy is exactly what the title suggests. It is an actual School. You are not just going to buy your CCW card. You will be getting an education on gun safety safety safety and gun law. You will also be taught how to carry draw your weapon and did I mention safety. The owners instructors are gun enthusiasts. These are good family people they actually care. Glad I met them and proud to call them friends.Thank you condition yellow.

by Curtis Laketek on Blank Business Name
CCW class

Great instructors, Class explained the laws of Carrying very well. Made sure each of us knew how to operate a weapon correctly, also could identify each parts of firearms with the correct terms. Overall very professional, prices on their firearms are cheaper then any place in the area.

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