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by Larry Freeman on Condition Yellow Academy

Condition Yellow Academy Best CCL Class you can take! Attended the class 8th and 9th of September 2018. Brian promptly responds to questions or issues while teaching the class. Highly recommend this class to everyone looking to obtain their permit. Can’t forget Missy and Peter as part of the training staff as they were pivotal in helping things run smoothly as well. Absolutely a great class with knowledgeable instructors and practical drills. Great shooting techniques, scenarios , knowledgable, and most of all a great and fun learning experience.

CCW Renewal Clss

I took the CCW renewal course at the end of August and really enjoyed it. Brian was the instructor and he made me feel very welcome and comfortable. He stresses common sense for anyone who carries concealed. I am a fairly experienced shooter and realize that I don't know everything, he had the answers to any of the questions I asked. Even with my shooting experience I picked up plenty of information that I missed on the initial CCW class at a different training organization. It is a review class and had the right balance between what the state requires in it and firearm safety. It is always a good thing to review firearm safety and was very well done for people who may have been first time shooters when they got their initial CCW training and for shooters who have been shooting for decades. Brian provided just enough in the way of pertinent anecdotes to explain some of the twists and turns in the law. He was able to easily keep my attention and keep the presentation interesting. He also provided some tips on what we have learned since the CCW law was first approved. It was a Saturday morning very well spent. I recommend the course for those who will be renewing their CCW license.

Great classes, great instructors

Back in March I took the concealed carry course at Condition Yellow Academy with the intent of just learning the basics and the idea of purchasing a gun to keep in a safe next to my bed in case of emergency. What happened next, I never could have imagined. Through the encouragement, guidance and lessons that CYA offers, I received my Concealed Carry license and learned to shoot comfortably and confidently. I purchased 2 firearms that I’m learning to conceal carry with confidence and the feeling of empowerment. I was also encouraged to joined their league through which I continue to learn and practice defensive handgun skills through scenario based training. The instructors at Condition Yellow are knowledgeable and have excellent skills and patience to teach even the most novice student.

Great Place!

Couldn't be happier with Brian and Steve! They're great teachers, real pros, very patient and extremely knowledgeable. If there were more than 5 stars I would give them.

by Sam DiCarlo on Condition Yellow Academy
A must for gun owners

I was a gun enthusiast 20 years ago. What a difference then & now. Tons of information to learn. I am going to take more classes here. Got more than I bargained for the price! Is there 6 stars? Well worth it.

by Kevin Hicks on Condition Yellow Academy

Condition Yellow Academy is an outstanding provider of Firearm training. Steve did an amazing job sharing his knowledge and helping our class to formulate the right mind set for conceal carry in addition to the technical portion. Mark did a great job too. The direction in understanding the IL firearm laws was invaluable. I will definitely take more classes at CYA!

by Ashlei Kraemer on Condition Yellow Academy
Better then I thought!!

I took my concealed carry class at the McHenry location with Brian, it was a better experience than what I was expecting from a 16-hour class. It was fun, educational, Interactive. That class I happen to be the only female in it which at first made me a little nervous being a female to begin with,wondering if I'm going to be talked to or treated differently for my sex but I was treated no differently than the guys. They were very professional and went out of their way to tell me about sites and companies to look at for female concealed carry holsters and products. I've been recommending them to everyone and anyone that asks me about concealed carry classes. Love them and I will definitely be giving them a call when it's time to renew my card.

Nothing Better

Had the opportunity to take this course for my CCL. I was a little apprehensive at first hearing stories that courses are boring and last forever. Was I in for a surprise, Mark, the course instructor did an excellent job, he provided the answers to all the question that arose. His presentation of the material was excellent, the material covered all the bases. The 16 hour two day course flew by, before I knew it, it was done. Thanks to everyone at CYA, you have my recommendation!!!

a must for any gun owner

If are a responsible gun owner, this class will open your eyes to a whole different level of gun ownership, a whole different level of responsibility, and situational awareness; but most of all, it IS a tremendous step towards our own personal goals to keep our loved ones safer.

Conceal and carry course

Recently attended the Illinois conceal and carry course offered in McHenry. The course was great and Brian was a excellent instructor, he knew the laws was able to clearly articulate the differences between the written and intended use of the law. I personally learned a lot from the class and glad I took it. All employees were friendly and professional, can't wait to use the range there and get some more training.

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