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Condition Yellow Academy
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 by Pete I.
Top Class Instructors and Training

Recently took a class with Condition Yellow and was very pleased with the knowledge of all the instructors and staff. The course was well taught. They provided the knowledge needed and went beyond to help improve my abilities. Great Job CY!

 by Daniel Guy

I am so glad i took this class. The young lady and the assistant, on the 8th of January, they were great. Everyone felt comfortable and they were very informative and very professional and very helpful. And we had some laughs. And what can i say about Mr. Peter Widitz, the 2nd day, he made the class the most interesting and informative class i ever took and I have taken a lot over the years, he was excellent! I have a whole new education about CCL thanks to him. I would recommend this class to anyone, and I will do that. Thank all of You : Dan Guy

 by Brad Underwood
CYA Defensive Pistol Night Shoot Course Review

I attended CYA’s Defensive Pistol Night Shoot Course on Saturday, November 20, 2021. I have previously taken two other CYA classes which were both excellent, so I had high expectations for this one as well.

Safety was the primary concern, so the first thing Instructor Steve Watson did was run us each through a holster draw review and skills check.

Once that was complete, we moved onto the lessons portion of the class. We learned a variety of different skills, including a number of flashlight/pistol holds. We practiced each skill, first dry, then live fire.

Before the sun set, we ran through a tactical shoot/no shoot course, requiring us to apply all the skills we were taught earlier. This prepped us for what we would be facing for the night shoot portion of the course.

After the sun set, and before the moon rose, it was REALLY DARK. Flashlight use was necessary to see anything. We ran through the course several times, and for each run through, the targets were changed & moved around to keep the course new and challenging. For each target, we had to use cover effectively, use our flashlight to positively identify a shoot/no shoot target, and shoot accurately to stop the threat.

Before this class, if you had asked me how low-light shooting differs from well-lit shooting, I would have answered that you just have to use your flashlight. Now, having had this training and experience, I have a much more fundamental understanding of the challenges that are inherent with low light shooting, and I look forward to improving my skills in this area.

I definitely feel that I got my money's worth from this training. I highly recommend this class for anyone who is comfortable drawing from a holster and shooting, and who wants experience shooting in low light environments.

Thank you Steve, for your time in teaching this course. I look forward to the next opportunity to train with you and CYA.

 by Michael Rozental
Defensive Pistol 1 course

I took the Defensive Pistol I class and back in September and was highly satisfied with how the training was built and handled. It was well structured from simple to more complex tasks with enough iterations to build upon basic skills. It was very educating as well as entertaining. I'd recommend taking the class to everybody who wants improve their firearm skills.
Great job Condition Yellow Academy!

 by Allan C
Excellent instruction

On 10/10/21 I completed my req. IL CCL training with Bill Shannon as the instructor. Bill was excellent and I highly recommend Condition Yellow for you to obtain your CCL.

 by Peter Serena
Realistic Training

I took the Defensive Pistol I class and overall the training was superb and very professional. If you are looking to mastering your firearm, this course is for you; highly recommended!

 by Brad Underwood
CYA Defensive Shotgun Course review

I attended CYA’s Defensive Shotgun Course on Saturday, August 7th, 2021.

I have previously taken CCW training with Condition Yellow Academy, and I am happy to say that the instructional content in this Shotgun course is every bit as solid, helpful, and real world applicable as the last one. In fact, I got so much good information in class, I was still making notes of what I learned on the following day.

Additionally, I liked the outdoor Private Range where the class was held. It is an ideal location for instruction on a variety of firearms, especially the shotgun.

Finally, Instructor Steve Watson’s personable teaching style, along with the time he took to thoroughly answer my questions, as a well as noticing even subtle ways for me to improve my shooting technique made me feel as if I were the only student in the class.

This course was an outstanding value to me, and I definitely plan to look for more training opportunities with CYA.


 by Gary Lukovich
Confidence in Being Responsible

I have never owned a firearm before. The Condition Yellow classes were very instructive. Each instructor was focused to help each student learn more than just the basics of handling a firearm and the legal aspects of being responsible. Their follow up before and during the class was impressive – but even more so when you have questions months later. I highly recommend them!

 by Paul
2020 Conceal Carry and Defensive Pistol

Prior to registering for this class, I have never fired a handgun. I have had limited experience with rifles and shotguns at outdoor ranges, but that was well over 25 years ago. The CY Academy Conceal Carry course was a fantastic introduction to the fundamentals of handgun operation and conceal carry law in Illinois and nationwide. Steve and Allison were great, sharing their knowledge with patience, in a straightforward, easy to understand manner.

I have since purchased a handgun and attended the Defensive Pistol I class. This class was absolutely phenomenal. There was a wide variety of experienced and inexperienced shooters at the range that day, and I know that I left the class with a much greater confidence of handgun operation, including malfunction clearing, holster draw, and emergency and tactical reloads. We also did numerous situational shooting drills that really gave some great insight in how to handle various situations. Once I receive my carry license, I definitely know that I have the confidence to carry on a daily basis..... After all, isn't that why I am obtaining my CCL in the first place? Thank you Steve, thank you Allison for a fabulous day on the range and helping me develop my skill to be able to carry with confidence.

 by john hernandez
instructor's class

I have been a client of CY Armory for a long time and have never posted a review. I will share my experience in brief. I have purchase numerous firearms, the expertise of the staff no matter if it is your 1st purchase or one of many is excellent and they will help you make a good choice. The range is small but well maintained and clean and the price for using it is better than many any around. There classes are second to none the instructors are thorough very patient and knowledgeable. I have done multiple coarse and the training has been exceptional. I hope if you looking for a quality shop you read this review and visit CY. Thank you Brian Dave Frank and Greg for your commitment and the quality work you guys do.

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