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a must for any gun owner

If are a responsible gun owner, this class will open your eyes to a whole different level of gun ownership, a whole different level of responsibility, and situational awareness; but most of all, it IS a tremendous step towards our own personal goals to keep our loved ones safer.

Conceal and carry course

Recently attended the Illinois conceal and carry course offered in McHenry. The course was great and Brian was a excellent instructor, he knew the laws was able to clearly articulate the differences between the written and intended use of the law. I personally learned a lot from the class and glad I took it. All employees were friendly and professional, can't wait to use the range there and get some more training.

by johni mashu on Condition Yellow Academy
best people

Best place to do business with. been there before and definitely will be there again..Thanks guys

Fantastic class

Great class with really knowledgeable instructors

Great Life Changing Class

If your looking for a class that will take the time to explain real life experience with concealed carry, look no farther. The team of trainers did a great job explaining the laws, identifying when to use, how to use, how to clean your guns the proper way and all the what ifs. They go in great detail about the laws and what to do if you have to defend yourself or love ones. If your new to this, the trainers identify who you are and give you the time to explain everything. Also, this was a great way to meet others that have the same interest as me. Thank you Brian, Mark and Steve for your time to teach me and my wife about our rights and the 2nd amendment! I look forward to doing more classes to advance.

Great Training Course

My wife and I both did the Concealed Carry class to exercise our second amendment rights and to be able to legally carry to defend ourselves and loved ones. The instructors opened our eyes to so many new things that we never would have imagined and gave us an incredible understanding of the laws, the training and understanding of the equipment you would need.Mark, Steve and Brian did a great job working with everyone in class. The videos, you tube material and handouts gave us the knowledge we needed to be more understanding of our surroundings and know that using your gun should be your last resort.Thank you guys and Missy for working with us, we look forward to doing more training classes with you guys and possibly getting into a league.

by Jim Grant on Condition Yellow Academy
Highly Recommended

I took the Concealed Carry training class with my wife and it was fantastic. It was interesting, interactive, and thought-provoking. The instructors were top notch and very engaging. After a lot of research into training classes, I'm very happy I found Condition Yellow Academy!


My wife and I recently took a Pistol class and a CCW class this past weekend. We've met multiple Instructors and personnel between the Mchenry, IL and Arlington Heights location. All of them were very laid back, professional, easy to approach. They answer any questions you have and take the time to go into full detail.Recently, during the CCW class, Mark was a phenomenal instructor. As soon as everyone sat down, he broke the ice and made everyone feel comfortable utilizing is great sense of humor. The class was very fun, extremely informative and he made sure no one left without being confident in handling a firearm and understanding all of the associated laws/regulations that come with having a CCW permit.If you are ever looking for any type of defensive class for any type of firearm, take a beginners class, purchase a firearm, please give the fine folks at Condition Yellow an opportunity to take care of you.Thank you again CYA!

CCW - Amazing!

Although I've been a self proclaimed gun nut for over 10 years, I finally decided to go ahead and obtain my Illinois CCW and I'm very glad I decided to go through Condition Yellow Academy! I learned about the facility as they were listed as a preferred FFL for a few of my online go to shops, but their in-house selection is awesome and prices are certainly competitive which helps for any future purchases.Regarding the class:As a regular shooter I enjoyed the class regardless of the fact that the demographic of students spanned a wide array of skill levels. Even if you've been exposed to firearms, this class has A LOT of valuable information to offer regarding philosophy of use, best practices, scenarios, and more. The instructors at CYA not only know how to shoot competitively and interpret the law, but they are fantastic teachers! Their instructional methods and techniques certainly motivated me to seek improvement in my skills and expand my knowledge and understanding of legal side of CCW.We covered everything from firearm basics to cleaning, holster draw, situational awareness, and even got some 1 on 1 instruction. If you are considering getting a CCW, I'd highly recommend stopping in and talking to the guys at the store. They'll steer you in the right direction and make sure you are ready and have the necessary skills, knowledge, and equipment to live the armed lifestyle.Take the class!

by Ann Meister on Condition Yellow Academy
Rifle Build Class

I never would have thought I would be building my own AR, but I just took the class on Saturday and it was one of the best things I've ever done. I find as a woman, classes like this can be rather intimidating. Not so at Condition Yellow. The atmosphere is extremely friendly and comfortable. Steve's knowledge and ability to teach with much patience is exemplary. I left with my new AR, along with a new confidence that can only come with the knowledge I gained from building it and understanding all of it's parts. Steve and Brian, who is also amazingly knowledgeable, run a top-notch business. For anyone looking for classes, these are the guys to see.

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