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Condition Yellow Academy
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 by Mark
Defensive Pistol 1

Excellent! This was my 3rd formal training class and my first (but certainly not my last) with Condition Yellow. They came highly recommended by a friend who is also a long time gun owner and trained shooter and competitor. He was spot on with his recommendation. It started with a short assessment of each student’s experience level and a welcome gun safety review. Steve, the instructor, was absolutely the best instructor I’ve had. His coaching and instruction style is first rate. He observed all mistakes and pointed them out in a way to correct them without any barking or putting anyone on the spot. At the same time he was encouraging and complimentary when it was appropriate. I enjoyed each step of the training and the day flew by.

Thanks for your review and kind words! I enjoyed having you in this class, we really had a beautiful day at the outdoor range. We look forward to having back for another class.

 by Henry
Outstanding !

Top notch CCL training as well as understanding the complicated laws that pertain to being a concealed carry. The instructors are experts in all of aspects of the training. I had the honor of participating in the 16 hour class & certification for my CCL over the past weekend. I can't say enough good things about the instructors Mike & Bill. I will continue to do more training in the future to try to stay on top of my game. Look no further if you are searching for any other options. In my opinion, you won't find a better place to do business with.

Thanks for your review and comments! We enjoyed having you in our class. We are proud of all our instructors and their professionalism. We are glad you found our class valuable and we look forward to having you in our Defensive Pistol Outdoor class this spring to continue your training.

 by ABE
Condition Yellow Academy

Just getting to the point I hated guns. Nervous and scared this made my selecting a training academy even more difficult. After scanning and reading all of the different class selections Condition Yellow Academy has to offer, I made the call.

The best thing I like after making the call. The person (Allison) I started with stayed with me doing the whole process until finally arriving at Condition Yellow Academy. Still scare and nervous. The class for beginners taught by (Allison) on safety and basic but lifelong fundamentals was the best thing that could've ever happen for me. I took this class twice.

I never touch a firearm in my entire life until Condition Yellow Academy. I needed this to get comfortable with learning how to handle and actually shooting a firearm.

The reasonable price, high level of class training and preparation for the range. Condition Yellow Academy truly cares for and about their students. This is why I Stay and came back.

The next step was preparing for my CCW. I was still nervous but not scared. I love both of my CCW class instructors. Our instructors encourage the students to ask questions. What I thought I knew based on family, friends and reading different articles, about the gun laws. I had no understanding of territorial boundaries, firearm mechanics or much of anything pertaining to a firearm. It was refreshing to get updated truth that I could understand.

Also please do not allow the traveling distance to make the decision where you should go. You will be missing out on great training and teaching instructors. I live 10 minutes from the state Indiana.

I am now ready to learn more and will repeat some other classes. Everything is covered. I went from hating guns to now possessing my CCW and a loyal (CYA) member, thank you Condition Yellow Academy.

We are so glad to have been a part of your journey to becoming a confident and safe gun owner. We look forward to having you in our defensive pistol course this spring to continue your training and build your confidence. Welcome to the family of responsible gun owners!

 by Peter
Conceal carry

If you want to be trained by the greatest conceal carry teachers check out Bill and his partners, they are the greatest. I went in as a person who knows nothing about guns and safety and overall, I am now filled with a lot more ways to protect my family and surroundings and to make wise decisions. experience, they are knowledgeable, and their expertise are just something. Everyone that wants to be trained should experience this class. Thanks guys.

 by Michael S
Defensive Pistol 1 Class

Great class, excellent instructions, in my opinion absolute must if you considering concealed carry. A lot of good and practical drills, safe environment and yellow academy instructors made it fun and positive experience. Thank you!

 by Brad Underwood
CYA Defensive Rifle I Course Review

I attended Condition Yellow Academy's Defensive Rifle I Course on Saturday, June 18, 2022. The training was held at their outdoor range near Braidwood, IL, and the weather was perfect.

We began the day by zeroing everyone’s rifle. Once everyone was confirmed zeroed, then the instruction began.

Because safety is of paramount importance, the first thing we were taught is how to properly hold the rifle on our slings when we are NOT shooting. Muzzle direction awareness and using the techniques outlined are everything. Then we learned how to hold the rifle in different “ready” positions, practicing going from these different positions to being up on target and then back down again. Live fire practice followed.

We covered emergency and tactical reloads and discussed when you would use them. Then we practiced these procedures, including inspecting your weapon at various stages of the reloading process to determine the appropriate actions to take. Instruction and practice were followed by live fire drills.

Additionally, we learned about malfunction clearing, and how to address and fix various issues that might come up. After this lesson, we were told to keep our rifles running during the exercises, and to ‘stay in the fight’ if you had a malfunction. Instruction and practice were again followed by live fire drills.

We then moved on to more comprehensive live fire drills where we put all of this instruction together into a cohesive training exercise. Students moved from one station to another, listening for the commands given by the instructor, addressing their target when it was a threat, and going to ready when the threat was down, all the while dealing with reloads and malfunctions as needed.

Besides my CCW, this is the third standalone class that I have taken with Condition Yellow Academy, and I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of the instruction, and the attention to detail that Instructor Steve Watson brings to these courses. This training was of extraordinary value to me, and I would recommend it to anyone seeking a solid foundation upon which to build your skills with an AR or AK style rifle.

Thanks again to Steve for taking the time to teach such an outstanding course.


Thanks for your course review. This was a particularly fun class. Glad you were a part of it!

 by Norbert Ertel
Just to say thanks again to these two

Its Memorial Day Weekend. I just ran into our county sheriff for the third time in a week and a half. He was just re-elected two weeks ago. He carries a Smith M 586 4". I had told him I have one in six inch with the factory adjustable front sight. I was just leaving a local range yesterday when he came in. Most of the guys there are X-Vets. All of them are great guys. He asked me what I was shooting. I had been shooting a 4" M 686 and a Sig 365XL (I have 2 of them metallic and red dot.) I am living in NC now. That last conversation with him has me thinking about my training with the two greatest sincere in teaching in defense training that I will ever know. If you are considering your training with Condition Yellow Academy, please I ask you not to hesitate in picking them. If there is a "10" as an absolute score, I give them a "12". Bless these two who will always be in my thoughts of those that I will remember in my life.

Thanks for the kind words! We are happy to have been part of your journey as a safe and confident firearms owner. Best of luck to you in NC.

 by Pete I.
Top Class Instructors and Training

Recently took a class with Condition Yellow and was very pleased with the knowledge of all the instructors and staff. The course was well taught. They provided the knowledge needed and went beyond to help improve my abilities. Great Job CYA!

 by Daniel Guy

I am so glad I took this class. The young lady and the assistant, on the 8th of January, they were great. Everyone felt comfortable and they were very informative and very professional and very helpful. And we had some laughs. And what can I say about Mr. Peter Widitz, the 2nd day, he made the class the most interesting and informative class I ever took and I have taken a lot over the years, he was excellent! I have a whole new education about CCL thanks to him. I would recommend this class to anyone, and I will do that. Thank all of You : Dan Guy

 by Brad Underwood
CYA Defensive Pistol Night Shoot Course Review

I attended CYA’s Defensive Pistol Night Shoot Course on Saturday, November 20, 2021. I have previously taken two other CYA classes which were both excellent, so I had high expectations for this one as well.

Safety was the primary concern, so the first thing Instructor Steve Watson did was run us each through a holster draw review and skills check.

Once that was complete, we moved onto the lessons portion of the class. We learned a variety of different skills, including a number of flashlight/pistol holds. We practiced each skill, first dry, then live fire.

Before the sun set, we ran through a tactical shoot/no shoot course, requiring us to apply all the skills we were taught earlier. This prepped us for what we would be facing for the night shoot portion of the course.

After the sun set, and before the moon rose, it was REALLY DARK. Flashlight use was necessary to see anything. We ran through the course several times, and for each run through, the targets were changed & moved around to keep the course new and challenging. For each target, we had to use cover effectively, use our flashlight to positively identify a shoot/no shoot target, and shoot accurately to stop the threat.

Before this class, if you had asked me how low-light shooting differs from well-lit shooting, I would have answered that you just have to use your flashlight. Now, having had this training and experience, I have a much more fundamental understanding of the challenges that are inherent with low light shooting, and I look forward to improving my skills in this area.

I definitely feel that I got my money's worth from this training. I highly recommend this class for anyone who is comfortable drawing from a holster and shooting, and who wants experience shooting in low light environments.

Thank you Steve, for your time in teaching this course. I look forward to the next opportunity to train with you and CYA.

Thanks for the course review! We enjoyed having you come to our outdoor range for your advanced training. We look forward to seeing you at our Defensive Pistol League next year.

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