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Condition Yellow Academy
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by Mario Arellano on Condition Yellow Academy
CCL classes

Wow! I had no idea on the rules and proper handling of a firearm.

I took the CCL 16 hour course on Aug.1st and 2nd and although it was 8 hours both days, I don't regret it at all. If you are interested in taking the course, don't hesitate and go for it. The Instructors are well knowledge and know what they are talking about. If you are a newbie to firearms don't be nervous, the instructors will be patient with you at the shooting range and will answer any question you might have. The first day of the class is firearm knowledge, gun cleaning and safety with a holster draw training at the end of the course on day one. The second day is at a shooting range at Article 2 Gun range at 6:30am on Sunday so be prepared to be on time. The rest is Gun law which blew my mind, to be honest a bit unfair on how gun laws are written in Illinois, which kind of made me think then why get a CCL. Anyways, during mid day on Sunday someone from USCCA will provide a registration form to sign up for legal protection when you have to use your firearm if you have to. On day one Jay from Biometric will provide his services for LIVE fingerprint and process your CCL form with the state. It makes sense to just have him doing it instead of waiting and never doing it yourself. Be prepared to spend a total around 250ish. For Live fingerprint, CCL form and if you need to change the address on your State ID and FOID card. Oh! at the end of the course on day 2, you will get a free shooting range pass at the McHenry location.

Note: IF you purchase a firearm from the Mchenry location, you can have them send that firearm to the Arlington Heights location to avoid Cook County taxes.

Gun Safety first everyone. Be safe!

by Bill Rediger on Condition Yellow Academy
Just did the class and it was awesome

Just finished the class over the weekend and found it very informative and it was a lot better i even thought it be. Good job guys

by Jim Capone on Condition Yellow Academy

Used CY for FFL for a long time ... they never fail! Great support.

by Scott Womack on Condition Yellow Academy
Most Excellent IL Concealed Carry Course

Steve, Jake, and Allison all did a tremendous job of providing a lot of information in a very effective and encouraging manner. They were willing to answer any questions and walk through the content at a pace where I felt confident with the knowledge gained at the end of each section. I also had never owned or fired a handgun...ever.., and I felt very prepared for the range session, with corresponding success. If you have considered firearm training, no matter your experience level, CYA is the route to go. I have an entirely new and educated perspective now of firearms and the implications of owning and carrying as a result of this course. What a great experience and greater instructors!! Thanks!

by Erica Maurizio on Condition Yellow Academy
Extremely Educational

I just completed my 16 hours CCL training course with Peter and Steve. The course was very educational and gave me, at least, a whole new perspective on my firearm, it's use and the responsibility that comes with it.
Both Pete and Steve were very patient and took their time in making certain that everyone understood the concepts and lessons being taught.
I would highly recommend CY Academy if you're considering the training required to obtain your CCL.

by Marc H on Condition Yellow Academy
10 out of 10

If you are like me, you are reading this review because you are shopping around to decide where to take your concealed carry class. You are probably focused primarily on cost, and searching for a location that is in close proximity to home... DON’T!!!

On the surface, you don’t realize that where you choose to get educated can become a life or death matter, and it is not something you should trust to just anyone.

For this reason, I strongly recommend that you choose Condition Yellow Academy. The CYA team provides quality content in a manner that keeps you locked in and engaged. All the while, delivering the content in a way that is easily understood. If you’re still on the fence. Phone them up like I did and ask questions. You will hear for yourself, and like me, you’ll be happy that you chose Condition Yellow Academy for your concealed carry.

by cheryl mike guardino on Condition Yellow Academy

My husband and i just finished the 16 hour course with Jake and Peter, who are excellent!! We are seniors (my husband is 80 yrs old) and they were very patient and took as much time as we need. We learned a lot and I would recommend this class to everybody especially seniors. Thank you Condition Yellow Academy.

by Lilly V. on Condition Yellow Academy
Condition Yellow Academy

Great class!! Instructors give you all the information you need to be a responsible CCW license holder. They also know tips and techniques on how to improve your skill at shooting your weapon. Very organized and made the whole experience quite simple! Their classed are well worth the time. AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I will definitely take more courses…

by Jim A. on Condition Yellow Academy
High Marks

Attended the weekend 16 hour training. I learned a lot even after having been an owner for years. I improved my knowledge and it showed at the range! The legal portion was a little frustrating, but thats the nature of the material. It was presented well and with enthusiasm. Super professional yet casual. Recommend this for any gun owner, whether or not going for the concealed carry.

by Paul Halper on Condition Yellow Academy

The class was great! The instructors were both very knowledgeable and more than willing to answer any questions that we had and did a great job explaining everything,

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