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Condition Yellow Academy Defensive Pistol Training League

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We created this league to help participants learn, train, and practice their defensive handgun skills in a competitive environment, all while having fun. Our league is a scenario-based, handgun-centric shooting-training activity that meets twice per month.

The training-competition format was designed to be enjoyable to all shooters of all skill levels, with a premium put on the social interaction and fellowship of the members. Participation in league matches requires the use of handguns, holsters and other equipment suitable for concealed carry self-defense. With that in mind, we have established equipment requirements that remain based on commonly available firearms and gear that allows individuals the opportunity to train and compete with minimal investment. Gear and equipment that would not normally be carried by citizens in an everyday carry situation are not allowed in the league. Our main goal is to learn, enhance, practice, and test the skill and ability of the individual, not his equipment.

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Goals of the league

• Promote safe and proficient use of firearms and equipment suitable for concealed carry self-defense.

• Offer a practical shooting sport encouraging competitors to develop skills and fellowship with like-minded shooters.

• Provide a level playing field for all competitors that solely tests the skill and ability of each individual, not their equipment.

• Provide shooters with practical and realistic courses of fire, and teach skills that could be required to survive life-threatening encounters.

Competitions will take place on alternating Wednesday evenings at Article II Range in Lombard located at 250 Cortland Ave. between 6:00 & 9:30 pm. View  below for specific dates.

The league will consist of three events on each of the alternating Wednesday nights listed below. League will begin each night at 6:00 pm and run until 9:30 pm.

  • Wednesday, September 11th

  • Wednesday, September 25th

  • Wednesday, October 9th

  • Wednesday, October 23rd

  • Wednesday, November 13th

  • Wednesday, November 20th

The league must be paid in full at the time of sign up. We have decided to cap the number of registrants at 22 which will be filled on a first come / first serve basis. If you are able to fill this form out, there are still slots available. League rates will include 4 hour use of the range per night as well as targets and scenario equipment. Shooters must provide their own holsters, ammunition, hearing protection, eye protection, magazine holders, and firearms.

There will be a league safety orientation held for new league shooters. It will be held on Wednesday August 28th and September 4th at 6:00 PM (choose one) located in the Condition Yellow Academy classroom in Arlington Heights. If you are a new league shooter you must attend just one of these orientations.

League cost is $282 for the three month season.

**Operators club members should enter their coupon code for member discount**

* At the end of the season, providing there are a minimum of 14 registered participants, we will hold a drawing and one member of the league will receive a free firearm. All league shooters will be entered into the drawing and the winner need not be present to win.


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