Illinois Concealed Carry FAQ

Q. What is an F.A.Q.?

A. An F.A.Q. is a Frequently Asked Question. This page answers the most common questions regarding concealed carry in Illinois.


Q. Where is Condition Yellow Academy located?

A. Condition Yellow Academy has 2 locations: One is located at 601 Campus,  C-1, in Arlington Heights, IL. 60004. We have a 2nd location at 7105 Virginia Road, Unit 23, Crystal Lake, IL. 60014. (Call us: 847-341-5711)


Q. What does CCW or CCL or CCF stand for?

A. CCW stands for Concealed Carry Weapon. CCL stands for Concealed Carry License. CCF  stands for Concealed Carry Firearm. They are often used interchangeably and all generally mean the same thing.


Q. Am I eligible for an Illinois Concealed Carry permit?

A.  The answer is yes as long as:

  1. ) I am at least 21 years old.
  2. ) I have a valid FOID card. (you can apply for a F.O.I.D card at the same time as your CCW permit)
  3. ) I do not have 2 or more violations related to driving while under the influence of alcohol, other drugs, or intoxicating compounds within the last 5 years.
  4. ) I am not subject to a pending arrest warrant, prosecution or proceeding for an offense or action that could lead to disqualification to own or possess a firearm.
  5. ) I have not been in residential or court-ordered treatment for alcoholism, alcohol detoxification, or drug treatment within the past 5 years.
  6. ) You may be eligible if you satisfy the above and no objections are filed by law enforcement.


Q. Do I need a F.O.I.D. card to take a concealed carry class?

A. No, but a F.O.I.D. card is required to own or carry a gun in Illinois.


Q. What is a F.O.I.D. card?

A. FOID is an acronym for Firearm Owners Identification. To legally possess or purchase firearms or ammunition, residents of the state of Illinois are required to have a FOID card. (The term is alternatively pronounced “a foid card” or “an F.O.I.D. card”.) You can register for one here: www.ispfsb.com


Q. How many hours of training do I need to get a concealed carry permit?

A. In Illinois, most people are required to take 16 hours of in-class training, however former military, and former law enforcement persons are only required to take 8 hours. Some other forms of prior firearm training may also be recognized by the state, which could result in you only needing 8 hours of training. You must provide proof of these things in order to waive the first 8 hours. More detailed information is provided here. If you are interested in getting the Florida permit, which allows you to carry in additional states (see maps below), you will need to take the full 16 hours. Most people find the 16 hour training extremely useful, including former military and law enforcement. We encourage people to take the full 16 hours as the training will prove invaluable.


Q. How long does it take to get a Concealed Carry permit?

A. Once you complete the class, and If you submit your fingerprints with your application, the state of IL has 90 days to issue the permit. If you do not submit fingerprints the state has 120 days to issue the permit. The state has generally been able to issue the permit to those who provide fingerprints in 40 – 50 days. Submitting fingerprints does speed up the permit process. An outside vendor is available during our class if you choose to have your fingerprints done.


Q. Are fingerprints mandatory?

A. No, fingerprints are not mandatory to obtain an Illinois permit, however, if you submit prints you will receive your permit faster since it speeds up the background check. An outside vendor is available during our class if you choose to have your fingerprints done. The process is called Live Scan fingerprinting.


Q. How do I apply for the Illinois CCW permit?

A. Once you’ve completed your training, you can then apply for your permit. The State of Illinois prefers that the application be submitted on-line, through their website www.ispfsb.com. This may be completed (by the student) immediately following the receipt of your class certificate. They also allow for a paper application that is obtained from the ISP (Illinois State Police) by calling them and answering a series of questions over the phone, after which they send the student a unique (to the student) application that must be completed and returned to them. We will provide detailed instructions on the application process during the class.


Q. How long is an Illinois permit valid?

A. Illinois permits are good for 5 years from the date of issuance. After 5 years, Illinois requires that you attend a 3 hour renewal class in order to renew your permit. For information on those classes you can click here.


Q. How much does the actual permit cost?

A. Cost of the permit is $150 (+$3.53 service charge) paid directly to the state of Illinois at the time you file the application, payable by either credit card or electronic check.


Q. Can I split up my training?

A. Yes, at Condition Yellow Academy we strive to work with your schedule. We allow students to split the course by taking the Saturday portion one weekend and the Sunday portion on a different weekend if needed. We occasionally offer weekday classes as well. Call us for more information. (847-341-5711) You can check our (Registration Page) for available class dates.


Q. Do I need my own gun?

A. No, you do not need your own gun. We have rental guns and ammo available for a small fee if you do not own one. These will be used for the range qualification portion of the class. Holsters are not used during range qualifications. You may use your own gun and ammo, but  ammo is not allowed in the classroom. You should bring about 100 rounds of ammo to the range. It is possible that ammo may not be available at the range depending on the time of our range schedule. 


Q. How do I get my Florida CCW permit?

A. Our class meets the training requirement for you to receive your Florida Non-resident CCW Permit. We will provide you, at no additional charge, a unique packet containing all the necessary forms required for applying to Florida. You will need to complete the application, have your fingerprints taken (different from the IL fingerprints) by your local police department on the card provided, enclose a copy of your training certificate, a passport photo, and a check for the required fee. This is all mailed to Florida in the provided envelope. The Florida permit entitles you to carry in additional states. See maps the below to see which states will recognize IL & Florida permits.


Q. What states will recognize my concealed carry permits?

A. The maps below illustrate the current (as of 1/1/19) situation with regard to other states recognizing Illinois and Florida CCW permits, and are subject to change as laws change. You may click on a map to enlarge the image.

On this map, Green states indicate states that will recognize an Illinois concealed carry permit

On this map, Green states indicate states that will recognize an Illinois concealed carry permit

On this map green states indicate the states that recognize the combination of Illinois & Florida concealed carry permits.








Q. Is there legal protection available for concealed carry permit holders?

A. Fortunately yes, there are companies that offer legal protection for concealed carry permit holders. We recommend USCCA Self Defense . In fact our instructors use this company for their own legal protection. While not mandatory, this legal protection is definitely something you should think about if you are planning to carry a firearm.


Q. How can I renew my IL. CCW permit?

A. An Illinois CCW permit is only valid for 5 years from the date of issuance. Once it expires, the law requires that you must attend a 3-hour class including re-qualifying on a range in order to renew the permit. It is a good idea to begin the process at least 120 days prior to your expiration date since the state can take up to 120 days to renew the permit once you re-apply. You can get more information by visiting our CCW Renewal Class page.


Q. How do I join the NRA?

A. You can click NRA for a discounted membership rate. There are many benefits to being a member of the NRA. One of them is being insured against your lost or stolen firearm. Another benefit is the ability to receive 1 of 4 monthly magazine subscriptions of your choice.


Q. I have more questions. How can I contact you?

A. Call us: 847-341-5711

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