Pistol Shooting Level I

Dates: T.B.A.

Location: T.B.A.

Cost: $119

Class size will be limited to 7 registrants.

Class Description:

This is the second class in our New Pistol Shooter Series, designed to follow either of our Introduction to Pistol Shooting Classes. This class is designed to provide the newer shooter (that has their own pistol) with firearm-specific instruction to build their confidence with their own firearm in a range environment. 

Topics covered are:

  • Classroom and range safety
  • Review of Stance (how to stand), Grip (how to hold), and Aiming (sight alignment and sight picture).
  • Isometric Tension
  • Proper trigger control
  • Gun handling
  • Range activities
  • Disassembly and Cleaning

Prerequisites (only one required):

  • IL CCF Permit
  • NRA Basic Pistol
  • USCCA Basic Handgun
  • Introduction to Pistol Shooting
  • Women’s Introduction to Pistol Shooting
  • Private Lesson with CYA Instructor

Required Gear:

  • IL FOID card
  • Pistol
  • One or more magazines
  • 100 rounds ammo (may purchase at the shop – subject to availability)
  • Hearing and eye protection  (may purchase at the shop)