Holster-Draw & Rapid-Fire Range Certification

While many of us are concealed carry permit holders, we know that in a defensive use-of-force situation we may need to employ rapid-fire, and we will almost certainly need to draw from a holster. The problem is that you probably do not have a place to train these techniques regularly. Most ranges will simply not allow rapid-fire or allow shooters on the line to draw from the holster. Condition Yellow Academy is introducing a series of range certification courses which will allow shooters to both draw from the holster and employ rapid-fire when they come to CY Armory, our McHenry range.  

We are offering “Holster-draw” and “Rapid-fire” training in McHenry. The fee for this certification is $110 for both. You will need to contact Jason to schedule the certification training for these: 815-578-9194

Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule the “Holster Draw” and “Rapid Fire” certification training with Jason.

  2. Pass the qualification.

  3. Receive a certification which allows you to rapid fire and/or draw from the holster whenever you visit our range.

  • Anyone who has participated in a full season of Lombard league, or at least 8 league nights in McHenry in the last year will not need to take the course. These individuals will be granted the certifications and have the card mailed to them. These individuals will also not need to re-qualify as long as they shoot in league sessions at some point during the year.