Defensive Shotgun I Class

The goal of Condition Yellow Academy’s Defensive Shotgun Course is to provide the student with training in a private range atmosphere to put defensive shotgun skills into action. This private outdoor range is designed to allow students freedom of movement and the opportunity to learn different shooting and gun handling techniques. This course will give the student the basic tools they need to keep their shotgun up and running in a defensive scenario. This course puts the student on a range that allows a very high level of realism and stress to be added to the training. 

Cost: $255

Date: To be announced

Location: Our private outdoor range near Braidwood, IL.



  •  None

Equipment Required:

  • Pump action or semi-automatic shotgun
  • Receiver mounted side saddle
  • 10 rifled slugs (Foster Slugs)
  • 25 Buckshot
  • 100 clay loads (Birdshot)
  • Clothing for outdoor range atmosphere
  • Eye and ear protection

This course will focus on teaching

  • Basic shotgun marksmanship
  • Shot Patterning
  • Search and assess as well as ready positions
  • Emergency and tactical reloads