CCW Renewal Range Session Refresher Course

Cost: $69

Date: Wednesday June 29th (6:00 PM – 8:00 PM)

Location: Article II range

                250 Cortland Ave.

                Lombard, IL. 60148

Do you have your CCW renewal course coming up but are a little concerned about passing the shooting qualification? This is not uncommon, nearly half of our renewal students express concern about this very thing!

Maybe you haven’t been to the range to practice in long time (or even since your original qualification)? Nearly 20% of our renewal students fall into this category.

Maybe you’ve already taken the renewal course but didn’t do as well on the qualification as you hoped and now realize that your “missed shots” are a legal liability.

We have the class for you! Our CCW Renewal Range Session Refresher Course is for anyone who wants to brush up on their shooting skills and become more confident and comfortable with their firearm skills!

This 2-hour course combines a short classroom session with a 1-hour range session consisting of basic firearm handling and range safety along with the fundamentals of marksmanship skills needed to pass the CCW shooting qualification.

This course is NOT part of the Illinois CCW Renewal course. It can be taken before you take that course, or after if you didn’t do well and would like to improve your skills and confidence for carrying a firearm. 

*If you are taking this class because you did not pass the shooting session during your renewal class, you will have the opportunity to shoot the qualification again for a passing score to earn your certificate.

* We need a minimum of 5 people registered in order to hold this class.