AHA, CPR, First Aid, AED Certification, and IFAK Training Course


Date: T.B.A.

Location: T.B.A.


The Condition Yellow Academy AHA Certification course will certify students through the American Heart Association in CPR, First Aid, and AED devices. This 8 hour course will also include a section on ballistic and knife trauma and how to use tools typically found in an IFAK to treat gunshot wound victims and knife wound victims, including yourself!  This is an excellent course for those who are required by their jobs to be AHA certified or for those looking to round out their training! This class will be capped at 9 registrants. 


Optional Add-ons


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IFAK (Red – Black – OD Green)

  • 1x Rip Away IFAK Pouch

  • 1x Tourniquet

  • 1x Cellox Plunger

  • 3x Sealed Rolled Gauze

  • 1x Med Shear

  • 1x Hyfin

  • 1x Naso pharyngeal Airway

  • 1x Tape Roll

  • 1x Israeli Bandage

    Click image for larger view

  • 5x Non-stick Pad

    3x Bear Claw Gloves

  • 5x Cellox Pouch

  • 5x Antibiotic

  • 20x Bandaids

  • 3x Sealed Iodine Swabs

  • 1x Tweezer

  • 1x Mylar Blanket

  • 1x Night Core Flashlight (Hands Free Clip)