Advanced CCW

Advanced CCW Class

The goal of Condition Yellow Academy’s Advanced CCW Course is to provide the student with training in a private range atmosphere to put concealed carry skills into action. This private outdoor range is designed to allow students freedom of movement and the opportunity to learn different shooting positions as well as to acquire advanced pistol handling skills necessary to improve their chances of winning in a gun fight. This course puts the student on a range that allows a very high level of realism and stress to be added to the training.

Cost: $250 

Date: To Be Announced

Location: Our private outdoor range near Braidwood, IL.



  • Valid Concealed Carry Permit or Completed Training Certificate (any state)

Equipment Required:

  • Holster (Inside the waistband or outside the waistband concealed carry holster)
  • Cover garment or vest (for drawing from concealment)
  • 3 magazines for pistols, or 3 speed loaders for revolvers
  • 600 rounds of ammunition (generally you will use less)
  • Clothing for outdoor range atmosphere (long pants, no open-toed shoes etc.)
  • Eye and ear protection

This course will focus on teaching:

  • Improving speed of holster draw to first shot
  • Review of holster drawing
  • BSA shooting
  • Search and assess as well as ready positions
  • Emergency and tactical reloads from concealment
  • Shooting from retention
  • Shooting while moving backwards (Break Contact)
  • Multiple threat engagement from close quarters
  • Drawing and shooting from supine position
  • Team Tueller drills (21 foot drill)

This course not only focuses on these skills, but teaches the principles behind each skill. In addition, the instructors will teach students how to simulate the drills at home using snap caps or dummy rounds, which will allow the student to take what they learned at class home with them. They can then continue to develop their skills outside of a class environment. Condition Yellow Academy’s outdoor range is located near Braidwood, IL.