Night Shoot

Most defensive pistol situations occur in no light or low light environments. The goal of Condition Yellow Academy’s Night Shoot Course is to provide the student with training in a dark environment to simulate these conditions in a private range atmosphere. The course will include multiple target engagement, and shoot/no-shoot scenarios.

Cost: $250

Date: Saturday Nov 11th ( 2:00 PM – 9:00 PM )

Location: Outdoor Range near Braidwood, IL



  • NRA Basic Pistol (from any certified NRA instructor) OR

  • Valid Concealed Carry Permit or Completed Training Certificate (any state) OR

  • Member of a Pistol Shooting League (with letter of reference from a league officer)


Equipment Required

  • Holster and magazine pouches (outside the waistband belt mounted)

  • Cover garment or vest (for drawing from concealment)

  • 3 magazines for pistols, or 3 speed loaders for revolvers

  • 300 rounds of ammunition (generally you will use less)

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Appropriate Flashlight (Tail Cap Activated, Shooter’s ring)


This Course will focus on teaching:

  •  Review of holster drawing

  • Proper deployment of flashlight & pistol utilizing the Fuentes, FBI, Harries, Modified Rogers/Surefire, and Ayoob Hold.

  • Proper deployment of weapon mounted flashlights