Zombie Shoot 2017

   Condition Yellow Academy Zombie Apocalypse 2017

AAZOMBIE                       SUNDAY, OCTOBER 22nd 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM ($199)

Event takes place on our outdoor range near Braidwood, IL

The Zombie Apocalypse is here and we are looking for 25 good men and women to take on the zombie hoard at our 2017 Zombie Apocalypse event! This will be an all day event, going into the night and will be run as a fun competition style event with targets and stages that not even our league shooters have seen. Come out this year and learn some new zombie shredding skills using tomahawks, slingshots, shotguns, pistols, and more. Take on new stages with more prizes and even better gun giveaways! In between main shooting events, try your hand at four side events, each with its own prize for the best zombie hunter at the end of the night.
We will have food, drinks, and plenty of new things to shoot at including clay targets, bleeding targets, zombie animals, an exploding target and much more!

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 You can watch some video from our 2015 Zombie event

Zombie Hunter: Every Zombie Hunter needs some basic provisions and we have that covered for you! Each zombie hunter will receive:
  • Burgers and Brats, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Chips, Water, and Soda
  • 5 stages of zombie combat plus 4 side stages that can be run over and over again.
  • 3 side stage tickets per participant (additional can be purchased from quartermaster at event)
  • 1 Entry into each raffle (Firearms prizes subject to FOID verification, winner must pay tax- one raffle prize per participant)
  • Eligibility for stage prizes
Part of being a zombie hunter does of course require you to provide some of your own gear. While we will have some ammo and equipment for sale for those who do not bring enough provisions for the hunt, everyone should plan to bring:
  • A field comfortable chair to lounge between battles
  •  Appropriate attire for the weather
  •  Food (If you’re a picky eater and don’t like the zombie hunter fare available)
  • Your best zombie hunter gear (Best dressed zombie hunter wins a prize!)
  • Holster for your pistol (Some holsters will be available at event, bring a belt.
There will be a limit of 25 shooters allowed to register for the event. Last year’s participants will have first crack at seats.
  • If the event needs to be cancelled due to dangerous weather the course will be rescheduled.
  • The event will be run at our outdoor Braidwood area range.
  • Most events will be run IDPA style, which includes moving targets, dropping targets, and swinging targets. The shooter will be required to move, use cover, open doors, and negotiate simple obstacles while shooting. If you have physical impairments that may prevent you from kneeling or navigating simple obstacles, please contact Brian or Steve to see if accommodations can be made.




1. Get the Lead Out

Stage Description – You just finished your Sunday afternoon trip to Sam’s Club and you are pulling up your driveway when you spot them. Zombies… in your driveway and your house! They warned you not to build your home on that old Indian burial site, but the property taxes were too low to pass up.
Stage Walkthrough – From the start position make your way to your house, engaging zombie targets on the move. Enter your home and clear your way to rescue your pet snake, Mr. Bitey IV.
Training Objectives – Shooting on the move

2. Oh Crap

Stage Description- As you finish clearing your house and step out the back door you realize you are having a bit of a         septic problem as the walking dead are clawing their way out of the ground in your septic field. Put them all down             before they fully emerge and track a mess into your home and onto your new carpet!
Stage Walkthrough – Each shooter will have 1 minute to break all the clays in the zombie target.
Training Objective – Speed Shoot
3Horde Out
Stage Description- Day one of the zombie apocalypse and of course it is your turn to patrol for the neighborhood watch. Looks like it is up to you and Mr. Bitey IV to make sure all is well on the streets.

Stage Walkthrough – Beginning at one house, look through the window and engage zombies in the living room. Cross the yard to your neighbor’s house. He borrowed your machete last week and it would be a good time to have it back. Engage the zombie horde between the homes. Your neighbor’s door is half way open. Enter the house to retrieve your machete and check on your neighbor.
Training Objective – Use of cover, Tactical Priority

4.  Silent but Deadly

Stage Description – As you work your way through the zombie hordes you realize you simply won’t have enough ammunition to stop all of them. The street back to your home is blocked, and you can’t risk drawing more zombies to you by discharging your firearm. Time to go primitive!
Stage Walkthrough – Using the slingshot, strike the four zombies in the headbox, then move over to the tomahawks and plant four hawks. Each participant has a 1 minute limit!
Training Objective – Throw Hawks and Use a Slingshot!


 5.  Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Stage Description – As if the zombies weren’t bad enough, now there are looters taking advantage of the chaos. Fight your way through the looters and the zombies and get back to your house!
Stage Walkthrough – Make your way down the street while using cover and fight your way through looters and zombies!


 6. Exploding Zombies!

Stage Objective – The top scoring zombie hunter will take a single shot at 50 yards and attempt to hit the tannerite filled zombie! If the top scoring hunter misses the shot, the next highest scoring zombie hunter will attempt the shot and so on until we have a winner for the days events!
Side Stages – 1 Ticket to play, Top Scorer at the end of the event at each side stage wins a prize!
         Stage 1 – Air Defense
  • Using a 12 gauge shotgun (Provided by us), shoot 10 zombie pigeons before they can get away and infect anyone. The challenge? You only get 10 shots.
    Stage 2 – Going Primitive
    • Using tomahawks and a slingshot with ½ inch steel bearings, see how fast and how accurate you are by scoring hits on hawk targets and clays. The winner for the day will be the hunter with the highest score!
      Stage 3 – Speed shoot
    • With your pistol, take down all of the bowling pins as quickly as possible! The winner for the day will be the fastest time.
      Stage 4 – Dueling
    • Challenge your friends to a duel at the dueling tree. The winner, best of 3 rounds, will face all future winners on the speed draw dueling target until he or she is defeated. The winner of the day will be the shooter who held the speed draw target for the most rounds.
      Grand Prize: The winner of the main events will receive a condor flashlight and free tuition to the November night shoot.
      Door Prizes: Prize winners who win a firearm are responsible for taxes. Non-firearm prizes have no taxes associated with them. After winning a prize, the winners ticket will be removed from following raffles.
      1st Draw: No zombie hunter’s arsenal is complete without a 12-gauge pump action shotgun. The first drawing will win the ultimate zombie killing machine.
      *12 Gauge Mossberg Maverick 88
      2nd Draw: Surviving the zombie apocalypse means not drawing too much attention. Sometimes staying concealed and looking as harmless as possible is the best option. 2nd draw wins a 9mm Honor Guard with 2 additional magazines!
      3rd Draw: Even the most dedicated zombie hunter needs to kick back and relax sometimes. This prize package includes a field chair with carrying case and large beverage tub! (Mountain Dew Included!)
      4th Draw: Sometimes the best way to take down a zombie horde is quietly, and nothing is better than the tomahawk for up close and silent zombie takedowns. Don’t feel like getting that close? No problem, the tomahawk is also a great weapon in the hands of someone who knows how to throw them. This tomahawk also has a skull piercer for double the carnage. Comes with a Kydex carrying sheath.
      Air Defense Prize – The winner of the Air Defense event will win a Shotgunshell thermos.
      Going Primitive Prize – The winner of this event will receive a Slingshot and ammo as well as a trench hawk from the event. In addition, the winner will take home a salt and pepper shaker to season any squirrels you might take down with your new slingshot.
      Speed Shoot Prize – The winner of this stage will receive a cartridge thermos and bragging rights for exactly 1 year!

      Dueling – The winner of this stage will receive a 2 pistol gun case and an “I’m your huckleberry” patch to put on their jacket!
      Quarter Master: This year our quarter master has undergone some pretty major upgrades which includes the ability to take credit cards. There will be a full supply of ammunitions, firearms, eye and ear protection, apparel, and much more available for purchase at the event this year!


Registration Fee: $199