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Rifle Build

Date: T.B.A.


In this course you will build your own AR-15.

For the cost of the AR-15 you would buy at CYA now you can build the rifle yourself in our course!  Why build your own rifle? When you come into the class you will have a collection of parts laid out in front of you. The course will walk you through the complete build of the rifle as well as cover operation theory of the direct gas impingement system of an AR platform firearm.  After taking the course, students will not only walk out the door with the AR firearm of their choosing but will have a solid understanding of how the firearm works as well as how to make repairs and upgrades on their new firearm. 

All options are built on the AR-15 lower which means that any of the Caliber chosen can be swapped with a different caliber upper receiver simply by pressing out two pins.  This means you can build a .223 Wylde rifle and convert it to a 300 Blackout in about 10 seconds without any tools.  **Note, it is in violation of federal law to put a pistol barrel on a rifle lower.

A discount coupon for the outdoor AR class will be included with this class purchase. Dates for that outdoor rifle class will be announced in class.

Registration for the rifle build class, the selection of your AR-15 and various options can be made at the bottom of this page.

Note: Rifles do not include sights, magazines, slings, QD mounts or swivels. Instead you will be able to select those items below as part of your custom build. You will also be able to add additional uppers to your order.

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Additional uppers available

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Available Sights

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Other Upgrades

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Magazine Options

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Rifle Cases

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Armorer’s Kits

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