US Law Shield Legal Seminar

From time to time, Condition Yellow Academy hosts Gun Law Seminars to inform citizens of laws regarding firearm self defense. This 2-hour January event is free for LawShield members and also free for those that come into our shop in McHenry in advance to register. You can also click the link below for registration.


Date: T.B.A.

Location: T.B.A.


Condition Yellow Academy is proud to be partnering with U.S. LawShield and excited to announce that we will be sponsoring a Gun Law Seminar!

Come join us on (Date T.B.A.) for this incredible event that is a must attend for all gun owners! The event will be held at 2908 IL-120 McHenry, IL 60051.

U.S. LawShields experienced criminal defense attorney Michael Johnson will be discussing the legal implications of “Use of Deadly Force” and other firearms laws such as The Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Grounds laws, Where You Can Legally Carry, and what to expect when Law Enforcement Arrives for Illinois!

The event has a dedicated question and answer segment to ensure all attendees are able to get the information they want to know from an experience criminal defense attorney they can trust.